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February 26th, 2016 by GSM Insurors

When To Time Your Life Insurance Purchase

Having a young family is the busiest time of life, and raising little ones tends to tie up a majority of the available time and attention. Young parents may forget to consider that putting a term life insurance policy in place is an important matter. Over the younger years, these policies are at their most affordable rates. Protecting your family with term life insurance can... Read Article

TWIA Interim Phone Line

Due to the high volume of calls, TWIA is experiencing stressed phone lines. Your calls may be coming through distorted or not at all, but TWIA is working on it and should have a solution shortly. In the interim, please use these numbers to reach your TWIA representative: ENGLISH TWIA: 877-281-1431 SPANISH TWIA: 866-443-3144 Sincerely, Texas Windstorm Insurance Association August 29th, 2017 by GSM Insurors

Attention: Hurricane Harvey – TWIA Insurance Mobile Claims Center Coming

One Message. One Voice. We Are Strong. We Will Rebuild. Be Aware of Claims Filing Misinformation Due to high call volumes, phones are overloaded. It is recommended you file claims directly with your insurance carriers using the phone number provided on your insurance policies. Please do not rush. Take care of your families and your needs first. The TWIA Mobile Claims Center will be located... Read Article

For Those Affected By Hurricane Harvey

In light of Hurricane Harvey, we at GSM Insurors would like to share a message from Executive Director of the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas, Marit Peters. Setting the Record Straight on Claims Filing Misinformation There has been and continues to be incorrect information relating to your insureds’ rights and obligations under their current policies and reporting of claims. If these posts were intended to... Read Article

How Small Businesses Can Avoid Insurance Mistakes

It takes hard work, dedication, creativity, and tenacity to get a small business up and running successfully, and it makes sense to have the right insurance coverage in place to protect it. In fact, purchasing business insurance may be one of the most important decisions you make. The right coverage can help prevent unforeseen events from ruining all you have worked so hard to build.... Read Article